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Tip Pik

Product Family: 
Cue Stick Accessories
Description and Overview 

The Greatest Tool Tip on Earth!
The Tip Pik pokes deep pockets into your pool cue tip. When you chalk up, these pockets hold onto the chalk longer, resulting in fewer miscues. The Tip Pik works without wearing out your tip. It makes pinholes to help hold chalk rather than roughing up the tip.


Tip Pik

The Tip Pik™ was the first of its kind and is the original because of its classic enduring design. Sometime in the early 1990’s Mr. Billiards™ thought that the tip tapping tools commonly used in billiard rooms was antiquated and needed some refinement.

When the new tool was in the design phase, Mr. Billiards™ recognized that it needed to be easy to use, conveniently carried in any pocket (eliminating the bulk) and affordable. He began with a tubular brass part, added phonograph needles to it and locked it into place with some special glue.

He employed a R&D team and after extensive research and countless hours of troubleshooting, he created an initial prototype. A winner soon emerged utilizing 42 precisely placed pins well known for their perforating action. This was when the world famous Tip Pik™ was born. With only a few minor refinements, the Tip Pik™ remains pretty much as you see it today.

Now with hundreds of thousands of Classic Tip Pik’s in circulation throughout the world, the Tip Pik™ has become a must have pool cue accessory.

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