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Rock Ola Music Center

Product Family: 
Juke Box
Description and Overview 

The Bubbler Series Music Center is an exciting addition to the Rock-Ola family of finely crafted classic jukeboxes featuring cutting-edge digital music technology! The Rock-Ola Bubbler Series Music Center jukebox is based on the classic nostalgic CD model - itself designed to evoke the classic Rock-Ola experience of the 1950s. Bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of the 8 bubble tubes and a kaleidoscope of colours flow through 4 colour translucent plastic cylinders. All the trims are genuine die cast metal that has been triple plated with copper, nickel and polished chrome and the handcrafted quality of the cabinet is evident in the finest hardwoods that adorn this stunning jukebox. But this is a jukebox like no other...

  • The Bubbler Nostalgic Music Center was the first of its kind to feature total touchscreen control of loading, organising, and playing your CD music selection.
  • The Series IV model has a 19" touchscreen with SATA technology and exclusive Qsonix "Drag & Drop" system.
  • New front lighting highlights the exquisite cabinet design and enhances the user screen and there is an incredible 1TB of storage - meaning you can hold up to 13,000 albums on one Jukebox!

Here's How it Works:

  • A CD is loaded into the system's DVD drive.
  • A broadband Internet connection immediately locates and downloads all CD information - including the cover art, free!
  • The CD is automatically loaded to the music system hard drive.
  • Home-made compilations and self-recorded music may also be loaded - the touchscreen allows manual input of information not otherwise available.

Rock-Ola Bubbler Music Center Features:

  • 1TB of Storage can accommodate up to 13000 CDs. This stored CD information becomes an on-screen catalogue, allowing the music lover to browse a collection by Artist, Album, Genre, and more! Create and store multiple play lists with a theme - play a whole album or just a tune. Imagine all your favourite albums available for play at a finger touch!
  • Auto Magic Touchscreen™ controls for everything
  • Double tap any song for a 7 second preview
  • Touch a song and drag it to the play list
  • Move any song to the top of the play list
  • 5-band graphic equaliser has on-screen control and pre-sets for different music styles, and allows total listener control for optimal enjoyment
  • The user-managed SoftFade™ engine delivers incredibly smooth crossfading and soft volume transitions in multiple modes
  • Password protection options control access to volume, settings and play lists as desired
  • Solid, hardwood and veneered cabinet with the distinctive 4-colour spectrum bubble tubes and die-cast metal details
  • Front lighting that highlights the cabinet design and enhances the user screen
  • Robust and reliable Rock-Ola electronics and exceptional quality craftsmanship inside and out
  • Imagine Thousands of your Favourite Albums at a Finger Touch! And You're the DJ!

Technical Specifications:

  • 19 inch LCD Mungsube Touchscreen monitor with SATA technology
  • 1TB Hard drive
  • Peavey 1600 watt amplifier
  • State of the art amplifiers - produce almost NO HEAT, eliminating the need for cooling fans
  • Pentium 4 Core
  • Speakers: 2 x 3 inch tweeter, 2 x 6.5 inch Full Range, 1 x 10 inch dual voice coil and 1 x Subwoofer


Rock-Ola was the first company to make a nostalgic jukebox. They manufacturer classic jukeboxes for the home and for commerce. Digital jukeboxes are now available with a touch screen interface.

Made in America