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Fusion Designs -Kennebec Wood Bar Chair

Product Family: 
Bar Stools
Wood Bar Stools
Description and Overview 
  • Multiple finishes and wood types available
  • All chairs/barstools are bench built using solid wood and mortise and tenon construction. Fabric and leather is hand selected for consistency and quality
  • All chairs/barstools are signed by the builder
  • Optional barstool protective kick plate available

Kennebec Stationary 24" Bar Chair
19.5" x 19" x 43"
#KC24TW (Wood)
#KC24TF (Fabric)
#KC24TL (Leather)
Kennebec Stationary 26" Bar Chair
19.5" x 19" x 45"
#KC26TW (Wood)
#KC26TF (Fabric)
#KC26TL (Leather)
Kennebec Stationary 30" Bar Chair
19.5" x 19" x 49"
#KC30TW (Wood)
#KC30TF (Fabric)
#KC30TL (Leather)


Fusion Designs

Furniture manufacturing has become such an important piece of the fabric of life among the Amish in northern Indiana, it is hard to remember how different things were less than two decades ago. In the early 1990s, woodworking was mostly a hobby among the Amish. It was something to dabble in after a day's work on the farm or at the RV factory. Most of the woodworking businesses were "Dawdy shops", retired grandfathers turning out a few pieces for neighbors or the occasional lone wolf who produced custom furniture."Woodworking" was often part of the job description of carpentry crews who not only constructed a home from the ground up, but also built the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and sometimes even other furniture to furnish the home. Furniture in Amish homes was utilitarian, where function played a bigger role than form. It was more important that a table could stand up to the rigors of half-a-dozen hardworking farm boys than how it looked.
Because of building every piece to order, we have special order capabilities such as changing sizes and product configuration up to a certain extent. Any of our collections can be made in any choice of our wood species or stain colors although some styles lend themselves more to a certain specie or color than others. It is very important, therefore to be thorough when placing an order to make certain all pertinent information is supplied.
In our experience throughout the years, it is crucial to learn some of the following points to be successful in selling solid wood furniture.

  • No two pieces of wood are exactly the same because it is a product of nature. With this in mind, you must expect variations in colors and wood grain.
  • Wood will expand and contract because of retaining a certain amount of moisture.
  • Plank tops will show offsets at the tongue and groove joints depending on the humidity. This is a normal occurrence.
  • Never apologize to the customer because of certain characteristics in the wood. Remember this product is not fabricated in a machine somewhere. Instead, use this as a positive point to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of an heirloom piece of furniture.
  • Many salespeople do not talk about these points, for fear of scaring a customer and losing a sale; however in our experience if a customer is educated about solid wood, they embrace the concept. If they are lead to believe that this will have the same uniformity as a piece of plastic or veneers, that is usually when problems occur with the customer.
  • Have a firm belief and excitement about the solid wood story and American made product!
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