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Cue Cube Tip Shaper

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Cue Stick Accessories
Description and Overview 

One side of this two-in-one tool shapes the cue tip to the proper radius while the other scuffs the cue tip to hold chalk and prevent miscues. Made of solid metal with silicon carbide, this device lasts and lasts. This product is used by professional players. The Cue Cube has a successful track record because it works so well and is reasonably priced. Cue Cubes come in a variety of colors, finishes and packaging.


Cue Cube

Like many tip tools and cue accessories, the Cue Cube was made by someone who wanted a tool for themselves. Others in their local poolroom wanted one and it turned into a business. In 1982 the "company" was purchased and at the suggestion of some pro players the curvature and grit roughness were modified, though the cube shape and metal base were retained.

The Cue Cube has become one of the most successful and widely recognized products in the billiard world. Cue Cube Corporation currently distributes its products to countries around the globe. The Shaft Slicker, a treated leather/nylon item for shaft maintenance, was put into production and marketed in the mid-80s and in 1993 the two items were packaged together for the first time as the "Pool Cue Maintenance Kit".

Later developments adapted the Cue Cube for attachment on a key chain plus at least six different colors are now available for the cube bodies. The company, in Milwaukee, is still going strong and is proud to have competed successfully in a market with a lot of import competition.

They are proud to stamp "MADE IN U.S.A." on their every product.

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