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Arachnid Spider 360 2000 Home

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The Spider360 2000 Series Home 
Commercial Grade
Dartboard of Champions.

Engaging in dart play can be a great stress reliever, and what better place than your "man-cave", after a busy day on the job.
Launch a game and immediately begin to get your mind off work with a mental and physical breather.
Whether playing by yourself, practicing to improve your eye/hand coordination, boosting your ratings and confidence to go with it, or competing against family and friends, now you can play on the dartboard of choice by champions around the planet, in your very own home.
The Sport of Darts has been a popular competition for hundreds of years. We didn't invent it. We reinvented it with electronic scoring to increase the engagement focus, comradery, and entertainment.
In addition to being the Originators of the soft-tip dart sport, we continue to be the pace-setting innovators, always interested in you, the player.
To make our products even more distinguished and accessible to champions in the home, we've developed the Spider Home Series for the homebuyer only interested in the best.


Arachnid 360

A Brief History of Arachnid 360 – The Originator of Soft-Tip Darts
Arachnid, Inc. was incorporated in 1975, when a company owned by Rudy Allison made a change from making balloon inflators to electronic dart games. On a trip to Ireland Allison had discovered how enjoyable the game of darts could be.
With a rough idea of a game, Rudy Allison hired Dick Jones (who is still employed at Arachnid today) to help with the development of the machine. Jones took rough ideas for the board, darts, and scoring mechanics and innovated the basic scheme that Arachnid and its many imitators use today. At the time Jones even drilled the first dart heads by hand!
The game hit the market and met with slow acceptance. However, with the addition of Marcio Bonilla and Sam Zammuto to the Arachnid sales team, the product took off. By the mid 80’s, Arachnid was flourishing holding seminars to assist distributors and operators in setting up leagues and tournaments. To this day Arachnid still continues its tradition of educating, teaching and training operators on the promotion of darts through leagues and tournaments. Also during this time Arachnid began publishing the ever popular BullShooter Magazine, which is still popular with dart players and dart leagues today.
Since 1986 Arachnid has run BullShooter Regionals around the United States throughout every dart season. At this time Arachnid also began to concentrate on marketing internationally and decided to start their own tournament, the world renowned BullShooter World Challenge of Champions Tournament. The first BullShooter took place in Chicago in May, 1986. The tournament then featured four events, payed out $25,000 in prize money and had over 1,000 entrants from around the United States. In May, 2015, Arachnid celebrated its 30th Anniversary BullShooter tournament. And today players come from all over the world to compete against “the best”. Playing in 21 events to win $130,000 in prize money!
In 1989 businessman John Martin bought into the company to become joint owner with Mike Tillery. Arachnid’s growth continued with a series of home games being developed, along with the new dart game in August, 1991, the fantastically popular Galaxy. The Galaxy framework was a breakthrough in league management that allowed remote stats collection via a phone line. The Galaxy game won the AMOA’s “Most Played Dart Game” award for 9 years in a row!
Thirty Seven years later the same basic technology in the Galaxy, Galaxy II, and Galaxy II.5 has been updated and improved to the standards of today, and is now being used in Arachnid’s new Galaxy 3. With the introduction of the game changing Galaxy 3 Arachnid has re-sparked the excitement in the dart world. The Galaxy 3 is state-of-the-art with a flip head that has a 15” target on one side and a 13” target on the other and now LED lighting to better illuminate the targets. These are just a few innovative features that helped Arachnid win the 2012 AMOA Innovator of the Year Award.
With this rich history of innovation and drive to be the best, there’s no doubt that Arachnid will continue to have us Dart Into The Future!


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