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Aluminum 1 3/8in Dart Shaft

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Darts & Supplies
Dart Shafts
Description and Overview 

Anodised Aluminum Shafts are solid aluminum treated to color coordinate with darts and flights.

Size: Short - 1 3/8"
Available in multiple colors
Sold in set of three shafts


Dart World

Dart World has set the standard for quality product, exceptional service, and innovative packaging. These attributes were a consideration when Mark & Don applied for the Anheuser-Busch product license in 1991. In addition to Budweiser® licensed products, Dart World has a license with Harley-Davidson®.

Dart World is the exclusive American distributor for Harrows Darts of England. Except for a brief hiatus, both companies have enjoyed a 35 year relationship. Harrows shares Dart World's progressive and innovative approach to the darts market. Together the team of Harrows and Dart World bring to the industry the best of both worlds: Quality Product and Exceptional Service.

Todays Dart World sells its product domestically and internationally and participates in major sporting goods trade shows. The company produces a 120 page catalog featuring a complete line of darts and accessories, poker and game room supplies and offers the consumer quality product and exceptional service.

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