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Olhausen pool tables are designed for durability, playability, and style. Most Olhausen Pool Tables feature American-made Accu-Fast® Cushions, the most accurate and consistent playing pool table billiard cushions in the world. To ensure a quiet, level playing surface, Olhausen Pool Tables features another Olhausen Billiards exclusive - Uniliner construction. This method of frame construction has been laboratory tested to hold almost twice as much weight as other popular methods used by most manufacturers. Hand-crafted Olhausen pool tables can be ordered in a wide array of standard finishes, or they can be custom-finished to match your special piece of furniture. Olhausen Billiards has consistently pursued a tradition of dedication to Quality, Service, Selection, and Value and is celebrating over 30 years in the pool table and billiard industry. These attributes have earned Olhausen Billiard Pool Tables the title of "The Best In Billiards."



Used Olhausen 8' Hampton

slate pool table, with drawer option underneath, heritage cherry finish


Used Olhausen 8' Reno

slate pool table, trad. maple finish


Used Olhausen 8' Lafayette

slate pool table, 8ft med maple finish


Shuffleboard back stop

Our Shuffleboard Back Stops were designed to provide peace of mind and a protective barrier when playing to safeguard your investment.
Sizes: 16″ and 20″



Used Olhausen 8ft Southern

Solid pine, slate table, natural finish


Olhausen Foosball Table Valencia

  • Black wrapped laminate coating
  • Legs bolt through the cabinet for additional structural stability
  • Rubber cushioned leg levelers
  • Centerless ground urethane balls
  • Counter-balanced men designed for superior strength and durability
  • High-performance
  • rod assembly includes:
  • 3.5mm thick seamless high strength hollow steel rods
  • One-man goalie

Olhausen Foosball Table Milan

Olhausen Foosball Table Milan, Black laminate


Used 8ft Olhausen Madison

8ft slate pool table, oak venner, traditional mahogany oak finish


Used 8ft Olhausen Remington

8ft slate pool table, solid maple, traditional mahogany maple finish


Used 8ft Olhausen Winchester

8ft slate pool table, solid maple, traditional mahogany maple finish


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